Journaling Challenge

How to get rid of negative thoughts in expat life in 28 days

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Discover the transformative power of a daily journaling routine!

  • Feeling isolated and lonely?
    Finding comfort and understanding in your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Frustrated with difficulties adjusting to a new culture?
    Reflecting on experiences and gain new perspectives.
  • Unhappy from constant comparisons between new and home country?
    Capturing unknown moments of happiness and gratitude.
  • Having doubts about identity and role as an expat partner?
    Organizing thoughts and self-discovery.
  • Overwhelmed by constant changes and uncertainties?
    Creating a space to express and release fears and worries.
  • Feeling misunderstood and unsupported?
    Expressing thoughts and feelings without judgment.
  • Stressed and overwhelmed by your new role as an expat partner?
    Finding balance, relaxation, and new energy.
  • Frustrated with lack of time for self-reflection?
    Using journaling as a flexible way to reflect and relax daily.

You have doubts about the effectiveness of journaling?

Studies show positive effects on mental health, stress reduction, and emotional well-being from journaling, ensuring its helpfulness.

Hello, my name is Victoria

And it is my passion to support women abroad in their development and in realizing their own dreams. In my 28 day Journaling Challenge, we focus on the point that most strongly determines the success of your big overseas adventure. Your thoughts.

Learn how with just 5 minutes of daily journaling, you can set the course for your personal happiness and well-being, and become the creator of your life abroad.

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