Coaching For Expat Women

Hi, I'm Victoria

I assist you, as an expat woman, in discovering your true purpose and unleashing your full potential on your new journey abroad.

Through my coaching, I support you in identifying and pursuing personal and professional aspirations that resonate with your core values and needs as a woman abroad.

Global Womanship – Finding your unique purpose in this world

as a woman abroad

From my own experience, I know how challenging life abroad can be. And because I believe that your inner growth and your external fulfillment are closely intertwined, I have developed a unique coaching program for women like you.

In addition to the usual coaching tools for mindset, I also incorporate the heart-set: A profound journey to the origin of your emotions and your nervous system.

This way, you can quickly understand who you are and what your unique purpose in this world is. Wherever you live in the world. And you are leading by example showing your children a life characterized by the natural balance of personal as well as global fulfillment.

Holistic Support With A Unique Focus On Trauma-Sensitive Coaching


Psychological Counselor (School of Holistic Practitioners Isolde Richter 2020-21)


Meditation Coach (SAOM 2022-23)


Equine-Assisted Learning Instructor (L. Kohanov 2018-20)


Certified Facilitator/Horse Professional in Connection Focused Therapy (Kohanov/Bailey)


Participation in various trauma pedagogical seminars (Dami Charf, Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Stephen Porges, Savina Tilman)


Over 20 years of experience as a primary school teacher with a focus on Montessori Education (Montessori diploma), learning disorders (dyslexia and dyscalculia trainer), parent counseling and teacher training

Finding home within: My journey of self-discovery and growth abroad

As an expat woman in America, I eventually reached a point where I just wanted to go home: To my old, familiar life. With my familiar language, my familiar culture.

For a long time, I thought I had lost my home, as it was over 10’000 km away. Until I realized where I could truly find it. Within myself. So I set off on the journey again. The journey to myself. Where I finally stepped into the power and strenght that moved me to live my dreams and visions.

And I founded my first business abroad: Holistic Dyslexia training for bilingual and trilingual children.

Back in Germany, I have left the field of elementary school education to work with YOU: Women abroad, who also want to embark on the journey of self-discovery and growth — for themselves and their families.

Thankful Thoughts Expedition

Transforming Culture Shock With Impactful Journaling within 28 Days


Family Goes for Career

Your Growth Community Abroad

As expat women, we all have overcome boundaries. Both external and internal. Our identity has taken a decisive direction: it has grown, gained colors and facets. Insights and experiences – good and beautiful ones, but also experiences we would have preferred to do without.

Our personality has undergone an inner career, where no “downgrading” is possible anymore. Therefore, we often feel misunderstood. Lonely in a life that has its own laws and dynamics.


We are a family. A growth family. We acknowledged this with the first step that led us abroad.

Take The Next Step In Expat Life

Living abroad is more than just getting by. If you no longer want to wait for the next step towards true fulfillment, I would be delighted to accompany you on this journey.